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Web Developer for Meteorological Information Systems

Do you want to meet incredibly smart people and have a chance to learn a lot from them? Great! Please, get in touch with me.

Náplň práce

  • Develop front-end part of our existing and new web applications and web components based on HTML5 / CSS / JavaScript / Angular
  • Implement form-based web applications with client side validation
  • Implement graphical visualization of weather or climate information
  • Help us with selection of appropriate web technologies and frameworks
  • Collaborate with people from other teams, with UI designers and with our customers

Požiadavka zamestania

  • Professional experience with development of front-end web applications at least 1 year
  • Advanced experience with AJAX-based content delivery from external web services (JSON RPC, REST, SOAP or others)
  • Experience with programming in JavaScript and experience with ES6 or TypeScript
  • Good knowledge of HTML5
  • Good knowledge of HTML/CSS and experience with resolution of incompatibility problems in various web browsers
  • Experience with responsive design (Bootstrap), basic graphics manipulation, fonts, icons
  • Experience with development of single-page applications
  • Knowledge of some modern client-side web framework (like jQuery, Angular, Angular 2, React.JS, Ember, …) and willing to learn new ones
  • Ability to solve web security issues, like authentication and authorization, XSS, CSRF, code injection, double form submission
  • Knowledge of some tools related to the client-side web development – package managers, module loaders, transpilers, polyfills, CSS / JS preprocessors, minifiers (for example NPM, WebPack, Common.JS, System.JS, Bower, LESS/SASS/SCSS, Babel, TypeScript, etc…)
  • Working experience with git (or other source control system like SVN, CVS, TFS)
  • Reading/writing skills in English


  • working on projects and products in a unique field
  • early feedback about your work from end-users/customers
  • opportunity to travel to foreign countries
  • flexible working time
  • loyalty salary bonus
  • monthly salary bonus (for taking responsibility or doing something valuable or hard o for additional effort spent)
  • full day-off for blood donation

O spoločnosti

Company's products are used by meteorological offices around the world. Software products that they develop are complex meteorological systems deployed at meteorological offices, airports, military bases and private companies. Users of their software literally come from around the globe: UK, Germany, Brazil, Malaysia, Australia, USA and many more we span all continents (yes, including Antarctica).

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from 1800 € gross per month (depends on your qualification) Reagovať na ponuku
Zuzana Jarčušková
Zuzana Jarčušková
+421 903 910 010

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