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Application Support Specialist

  • Our client is world-leading company with more than 30 years of experience in the fields of the meteorological systems for meteorological offices all around the world.
  • fix from €1700 to €3000
  • variable pay + 0-25% monthly bonus + 0-3 times fixed salary the annual bonus

Bratislavský kraj
Linux, Support
from 1700€

Náplň práce, právomoci a zodpovednosti

  • Provision of remote support for client's customers with maintenance contract
  • Proposing solution or workaround of the problem; determining root cause of problem and carrying out corrective action
  • Cooperating with the developers, authors of the code, smart people with a lot to learn from who care about the customers
  • Remote deployment of hotfixes on customer systems
  • Remote update of software on customer systems
  • Advising end users in using client’s products

You will be part of a team of 7.
Your main responsibility will be the global support of internal metheorological applications used by metheorologists, technical people, etc. You must have perfect written and spoken English.
Your daily responsibility will be solving tickets coming from client side. Do not worry, users as ticket creators are quite technical people.
We could compare this kind of support to L3 level.
Only 30% of the work will be routine, the other 70% will be solving problems independently and creatively. Of course, your senior colleagues and internal documentation are always available.
It takes about 6 months to 2 years to get an overview of all products.

It is only possible to work as a permanent employee (hlavný pracovný pomer).

Zamestnanecké výhody, benefity

  • Working on projects and products in a unique field – meteorology, which is becomingincreasingly important all around the world

  • Early feedback about your work from end-users/customers

  • Almost 100% of our development is apply in real business by our customers

  • Working in a financially stable company doing international business (less than 1% of revenue is from Slovakia)

  • Opportunity to travel to foreign countries (for certain job positions)

  • Paid 50% of travel time for business trip out of working time OR Possibility to exchange travel time for compensatory leave (additional holidays) in ratio 2:1

  • Flexible working time (with fixed working time between 10:00 and 15:00 with lunch break so that we can meet with each other)

  • Working within the team of top specialist in IT area

  • Monthly salary bonus

  • Annual salary bonus based on employees’ performance review (derived from percentage of the company’s profit

  • Loyalty salary bonus (after 10, 20, ... years)

  • Lunch vouchers 100% funded by the company (without employees’ contribution)

Predpoklady a zručnosti osobnosti

If you have very good experience with Linux shell a tools (file manipulation, text processing, filtering), you are probably the good one.

  • University or technical institute degree of 2nd level (Mgr., Ing. or equivalent) from a technical program is preferred
  • Fair knowledge of TCP/IP and higher level protocols such as SSH, DHCP, NFS, HTTP
  • Working knowledge of at least one of the following:
    • hardware installation (industry standard rack servers and equipment, cabling, server technologies)
    • high-availability clustering based on open-source technologies (DRBD, Pacemaker, RedHat Cluster or similar)
    • network applications based on open-source technologies (firewall, mail server, fileserver, …)

O spoločnosti

Our client is world-leading company with more than 30 years of experience in the fields of the meteorological systems for meteorological offices all around the world. They provide complex telecommunication and meteorological data-processing solutions tailored exactly to the specific needs of customers.

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