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Software Engineer with node.js

As a partner an outsourcing company we help to connect great IT specialists with an international company based in USA.

Náplň práce

Project description:
The client is a Virtual Research Organization (VRO) leading the long-overdue digitization of health innovation, leveraging technological innovation to tackle the inefficiencies in the trial process.
They developed and launched one of the first patient-centric apps, enabling people to participate in clinical trials from the comfort of their homes and empowering their virtual team to communicate directly with patients to provide support and assistance throughout their trials.
The client designs and manages all steps of our virtual and/or hybrid trials from end to end. Their platform and app upgrades are informed by the clinical operations teams’ daily experience with participants and then designed and programmed by their internal tech teams; so the results are both patient-centric and truly seamless.
The app covers all steps of virtual and/or hybrid trials from end to end. The app team in the USA is focusing more on the infrastructure and platform side while their Asian side focuses more on development.
It is highly likely an engagement of 12 months (to be confirmed).

Tech stack:
The tech stack we are using is primarily Node.js on the backend with very little (almost no) front-end work. However, the platform team supports teams that code front ends in React and React Native. We also have teams using Go and Python at a limited scope of support for now.
Skills in microservices, event-driven architecture, and distributed systems are all plusses as we are going to be scaling the solution as we grow.
Basically, for senior/architect level candidates I’d be looking for people with high levels of experience in K8s and Node.JS / Typescript.

Požiadavka zamestania

English only - team is from Asia and the UK, and the customer is from the US.
EST working time.
We are looking for a senior or at least a really strong intermediate with solid expertise in Node.js/development.


  • compensation above average
  • remote work with the possibility to work in our offices in Bratislava (Skypark)
  • additional employee benefits

O spoločnosti

Our client offers tailor made and client centric outsourcing solutions for mid-size and small companies.

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