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Scientific software and data engineer

We would like to introduce position Scientific software and data engineer with Python

Náplň práce, právomoci a zodpovednosti

• Developing algorithms for retrieval, ingestion and analysis of real-time geostationary satellite imagery and for modelling of solar irradiance based on satellite, meteorological and other data
• Extracting knowledge from scientific literature and implementing it as software modules
• Refactoring and integration of existing codebase for improved performance and functionality
• Contributing to an overall improvement of accuracy, timeliness, resilience, and other aspects of the models
• Testing, deployment and monitoring of software/services
• Cooperation with other team members in the spirit of consistent and agile development
• Staying up-to-date on trends in the field and company priorities

Požiadavky na zamestnanca

• Degree in Computer Science/Engineering/related and working experience in the field
• Solid programming capabilities in Python, writing clean and structured code
• Experience with multidimensional array data manipulation (e.g. NumPy)
• Experience with bash / Linux terminal
• Good grasp for detail, diligence and accomplishment
• Innovative thinking, forward looking, team spirit, focus on customer
• English (at least professional working proficiency, both written and spoken)
• EU citizenship or a valid residence permit in Slovakia
• Starting date: as soon as possible

Optional / preferred:
• Previous expertise or experience in any of the domains is welcome:
• Python packaging, Git, CI/CD
• Big data storage in multi-dimensional data formats (NetCDF, Zarr, TileDB, HDF5, etc.)
• Parallel, concurrent, asynchronous paradigms and coding
• Docker, Kubernetes; cluster or cloud computing (s3)
• Precompiled languages (C++, Fortran, Rust, etc.) and integration with Python
• Python performance boosting with numba, cython, numexpr etc.
• Degree and/or relevant work experience in the Geo/Earth/Planetary sciences
(such as remote sensing, atmospheric science, meteorology, geoinformatics, GIS)
• Mathematical modelling and statistics
• Solar energy, photovoltaics

Zamestnanecké výhody, benefity

• Competitive salary and performance-based bonuses
• Flexible working hours and possibility of home office – based on team agreement
• Sick days
• Technical growth encouraged via opportunity to participate at conferences, workshops, and
• Personal growth opportuni.es, possibility to work on different projects
• Budget for personal development (seminars, conferences, technical courses, language
• Modern office located in SKY PARK offices (Bratislava) in which you can find chill areas,
workout area and standing desks
• Free refreshments and fruit
• Parking in the company parking lots
• Green transportation friendly environment - bike parking lots (in building), showers (in the
office), bike lanes in SKY PARK proximity, EV charging stations (in building)
• Mulitcultural and international environment, communication in English
• Work in fast growing sector of renewable energy

O spoločnosti

- Our partner is a technology and consultancy company servicing companies involved in the development and opera9on of solar power plants.
- Thanks to 21 years of focused research and technology developed in-house, they have become a leader in the field.
- They provide meteorological data, energy evaluation software and technical consultancy primarily related to evaluation and management of solar power production.

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Bratislavský kraj
3 000 EUR/month salary can be higher, depending on the working experience Reagovať na ponuku
Martina Dányiová
Martina Dányiová
+421 948 955 086

Intenzívne pracuje na nábore IT odborníkov pre oblasť softvérového vývoja a Cloud infraštruktúry.

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