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Backend PHP developer - Project work

We are looking for an experienced PHP developer who will work for a Sweden FinTech company.

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Allocation: First 3 months is a trial period, after longterm.
Industry: Financial Services
Company size: 13 employees
Headquarters: Sweden
Founded: 2018

A FinTech company offering a unique platform. On this platform you can sign up for an exclusive and tax efficient unit-linked insurance and get access to otherwise inaccessible investments.

This platform is developed in Laravel and React. An event sourced system is used here. A IT security principles are implemented here.

CTO and 2 fullstack developers are developing this platform.

We are looking for a backend developer able to write a beautiful clean code in PHP.
Laravel is desired. Experience with event driven system, automation testing and an IT Security (spotting weakness, security systems etc.) is nice to have.

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Zuzana Jarčušková
Zuzana Jarčušková
+421 903 910 010

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