Training services

Soft skills, Hard skills. We will effectively train your staff in different fields.

Soft skills training

We Train Project Management, Processes, Best Practices, Soft Skills. Our trainings are tailor-made.

Each training takes into account the need of the trained group. Depending on the type of training, we create an atmosphere in which participants feel comfortable. Thanks to this, they will get a lot of new knowledge.

For each job field we cooperate with lecturers who have a wealth of experience. We take into account the needs of the client and help him approach his ideas of the ideal state. Our training sessions are not generalized. Conversely, we focus on the client and training is tailor-made according to his needs. On the first meeting, we try to find out the current state, the client’s ideas and the specifics of the trained group.

We train:

  • Management skills – leadership, problem solving methods, evaluation of employees
  • Presentation skills – effective presentation
  • Communication skills – effective communication, conflict resolution, assertiveness
  • Sales skills – attitudes, sales talk, telesales,
  • Marketing
  • Course ”How to pick the right employee”
  • Interior/exterior team activities focused on communication, team building and development
  • Time management – developing personal effectiveness
  • Brain Based Coaching, NeuroLeadership
  • GDPR
  • Etiquette, Business etiquette – diplomatic protocol
  • Ethics of Communication, Empathy
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Grain - Training services</h1>


Using the right methodologies and approaches we help your employees to learn effectively and grow personally.


Our lecturers are professionals who have worked for a long time or are still working in the particular field.


Your only concern is to come to the training. We provide the lecturers, premises, equipment and refreshments according to your wishes.


We will prepare a tailor-made solution. Focus on your work and we prepare an adequate training program.

IT training

Do you need to train your team for new technologies or equipment? We are specialists in providing technical IT training.

At the beginning is assignment from our client. After that, we will provide a certified lecturer, prepare premises, laboratory, HW and SW. Training takes place in our company or in the premises where the trained team works. Our clients appreciate the professionalism of the lecturers, quality of training and comfort.

We help IT companies to deploy their own information systems into customer production. If you are developing a new information system for the client, our lecturers will train its future users. We have experience with implementation of large projects with more than 5 000 trained participants and training rooms throughout Slovakia.

We train:

CISCO systems
Web technologies
Programming languages – JAVA, PHP, C++
Microsoft technologies – C#, .NET, ASP.NET
Office 365

Send us your idea and we will prepare non-binding offer with the profile of the lecturers with whom we can do the training.

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Grain - Training services</h1>

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