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Need to strengthen your IT team or fill one of the C-level positions and lack professionals? We have the solution.

IT Recruitment includes all activities leading to getting the best people on the market. We fill all positions from Admins, Analysts, Programmers, and Consultants, Architects, Project Managers, Team Leaders, to CTOs and IT Directors. We provide candidates for both core and freelance positions.

We work for startups and large corporations. We operate in process digitalization, innovation, green energy, mobility, R&D, Fintech, and Medical. We are successful because we understand our clients’ needs, specialize in IT and know how to source quality candidates. 

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How IT recruitment works

Job Description

Key information about the client, their values, and job role. We help create a job description that will attract the right candidates.

Talent Attraction

We find the most suitable candidates and approach them with an offer. We interview them thoroughly and introduce them to the client.

Interview & Offer

We coordinate the interview process and assist in the decision-making process as well as in forming and addressing the offer.

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