The development of quality software and management of infrastructure. Professionally managed HR. It is easy with Grain.

IT Outsourcing

Do you develop information system and are you looking for freelancers? Do you want stable and secure infrastructure? Do you need to develop a mobile application? Outsource to Grain.

We provide software development on JAVA, JavaScript, PHP, NET platforms. We outsource experienced programmers, database specialists, analysts and project managers. Projects are implemented by sending specialists to the customer or are send on a USB flash drive. Thanks to our international experiences, we are constantly improving ourselves and the quality of our services.

We also provide comprehensive infrastructure care. We provide 24/7 network support and data center support. Our team of network and system engineers and security specialists manages critical systems of multinational companies. Using state-of-the-art technologies in cooperation with IT leaders in Slovakia, we implement projects beyond the borders of the CEE region.

Contact us and our consultants will present you options how to use outsourcing to your benefit at a nonbinding meeting.

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Grain - Outsourcing</h1>

Cost reduction

We will save you money on recruiting IT professionals and save time for your in-house team.

Experts on board

We work hard to get the best ones. We will provide you with their expertise on your project.


Our IT specialists are able to work efficiently on your project from the very first hour.


If you need the IT experts just for a short period and for special tasks, we are here for you.

Outsourcing HR

Attendance, payroll, benefits, reward systems, personal development of employees, recruitment.

Do you want to care about your employees at the top level, but at the same time you need to invest 100% of your time in company management? Let us take care of HR and you and your staff will be satisfied.

Every company is unique, but all have one thing in common: employees are a key pillar of its prosperity. Recruiting and caring for staff is becoming more and more complicated. Entrust us these activities. This will give you complete control over the HR processes and its quality.

Our consultants will show you how to use this service to your benefit at a non-binding meeting. We will arrange the allocation of the operations, personal care, experiences HR team, take the employees into employment relationship or we can completely secure the payroll. We always set up cooperation according to your expectations.

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Grain - Outsourcing</h1>

Saving time and effort

We will take away the burden of complicated processes. From recruitment, attendance processing to delivery of payroll and payment of the wage.

Professional counseling

We will advise you how to make your employees feel that you care about them. High standards of employee care will become your own standard.

Reliability and experience

Take advantage of our international experience. We provide outsourcing of HR also for companies with 1500+ employees.

Scalability and variability

We will set the service according to your expectations. Whether you need to outsource only the recruitment or you are interested in the entire package of services, we are ready.

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Recruiting services

We help our partners find and attract the very best IT professionals.


Training services

Training, coaching, workshops, development centers. We present different options of how to be better.

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