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IT outsourcing

Development of complicated software or management of large infrastructure? It's easier with Grain.

We provide experienced programmers, database specialists, analysts, architects, QA, and project managers for software development. We deliver projects on-site, remotely, or through nearshore collaboration. We provide software development on JAVA, JavaScript, PHP, .NET platforms.

We also provide comprehensive infrastructure management. We provide 24/7 network and data center support. Our team of network, system and security specialists manages critical systems of multinational companies.

In cooperation with IT market leaders, we implement projects that go beyond the borders of the CEE region. Thanks to international experience, we are constantly improving and increasing the quality of our services.

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How IT outsourcing works

Analysis and specification

At the beginning is the analysis of what resources are most needed on the project. The output is a technical specification or a specific project assignment.


We suggest IT specialists, from which the most suitable ones are then selected by interview. In the contract, we define the terms and conditions, delivery date, NDA and data protection.

Management services

Once the collaboration starts, we document all activities and monitor how the project development is progressing. We report on everything regularly with clear statements of work.

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